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Put the spark back in your marriage!

Put the spark back in your marriage!

If date night is considered my husband driving through Macca’s most Saturday night’s, while we sit together on the couch scoffing our faces and stare at our smartphones blankly. Then sure, we are accustom to this date night thing… as I am sure most parents are with young kids and live furtherest from their nearest granny.

That was us until we discovered Date Night Fairies. Yes, you read right! These guys rock and will put the spark back in your marriage! Say whaaat?? Let me explain... Since expanding our brood with kid #2 and #3 back in 2015, most willing friends are all too happy to look after 1 kid. Maybe 2 kids at a push. But generally 3 kids is a bit a stretch (even for us) at the best of times. Therefore we don’t like to ask friends to baby-sit, unless for a really REALLY special occasion, that might happen once a year. Truth be told, as our youngest twins Nate and Harper grow and approach 2.5 years old. The bath and bedtime routine is a battle, often with many tears (mostly mine) and tantrums and this is not something we want to burden friends with. After all, we like our friends. With what's considered a larger than "average" size family, this is just one of the challenges for our family when organising a night out selfishly for my husband and myself. It feels like a far greater task than the event itself, hence the night in at home and the Macca's!

Well no longer!

My husband and I treated ourselves to a child-free night out recently with friends who still invite us out and consider us cool post-kids, hell yeh! We wined and dined with other adults, while also stringing sentences together for more than a minute without any interruptions. It was amazing and similar to learning how to speak again. All the while our Date Night Fairy was hard at work putting our kids to bed and cleaning our home!

Now, I am not talking about just wiping kitchen benches and packing the odd dish in the dishwasher either. I am talking about fully cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors and ironing, IRONING! And any other odd jobs lying around, which there were plenty, believe me!

You might be wondering about the childcare side of things? As I did too. But don’t be mistaken, the fairy’s first priority is the children so if a child becomes unsettled, needs a cuddle or whatever… they’re onto it. Our fairy (Charlotte) was highly experienced with an impressive career in primary school education and stacks of years nannying all around Europe. So we felt super comfortable leaving our 3 beloved children in Charlotte's care and felt reassured she'd be able to cope with a bit of poop on the walls and tears. The kids loved her, and warmed to her very quickly which really put our minds at ease.

Unlike other nanny agencies (we've tested many) this is where Date Night Fairies make their unique difference. First, most childcare agencies don’t promote the one off baby-sitting gigs as much their permanent work (Mon-Fri), so availability can be a real issue. What's happened to us in the past, is then we'd try and call on friends to organise a date that worked for both parties, or we just opt for one parent to go out instead, while the other parent stays home as it get's too hard. Secondly, in my opinion this is the cherry on the cake! While DNF babysit your cherubs, they do your entire household chores - not solely just focused on the children’s crap! Ah... Winner!!!

So, ask yourself this... What could be a better than a clean and tidy home? I'll tell you... A date night out with your significant other AND a clean home!! 

Don’t worry about christmas presents under the tree this year family and friends – please just buy us a truck load of gift vouchers from Date Night Fairies, poleease!

P.s. This is not a paid review. I just wanted to share my fab experience since many of us are parents who deserve a night out together once and awhile! 

Thanks for reading.

Stacey xx

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